A little about me

My name is Ignacio Mellado. I am an engineer who enjoys making machines smarter. Computer Vision and Machine Learning are usual suspects in my lab. In the last times, I have been working for North American companies on scene understanding in video streams and user tracking for mobile devices. Before that, I managed to insufflate autonomy in quadrotors and cars using onboard cameras.

Computing power is reaching astounding performance in terms of MIPS per Watt, which is allowing techies like me to apply Computer Vision and Machine Learning to boost the situational awareness of machines. My goal is enabling machines to make educated decisions.

In the coming years we will experience a paradigmatic change. We will see objects that are aware of the world around them, able to reason, to learn, to foresee. We will witness the transformation of the tool into an active helper. Taking part in the definition of that new era is what actually turns me on.

Are you hiring?

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need to outsource a project within my expertise or you think that I fit an open position in your organization. I also consider moving to other countries.

A brief profile: Robotics Engineer specialized in artificial perception with Computer Vision and Machine Learning. 24 years of professional experience developing full stack software systems on multiple platforms and languages. Recently awarded for the best autonomous system at an international competition. Self-driven 1x entrepreneur. Diverse hands-on technical background to kick start any new project from the grounds up. Knower of both academia and industry worlds. Please check my résumé and projects for further information.